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Casa Xólotl site is in a building within the historic center of Mérida`s city. Located in a not crowded street, the Main facade faces the street containing a house dedicated for resting, which overturns and contains the visuals inside it. The Project arises in a 100m2 pre-existing old house, composed of 3 main bays (social area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom). Enclosed by a plot of ten by twenty-two meters. © Tamara Uribe The new program must had to accommodate a social area with terrace, a pool and 2 bedroom each one with its own bathroom. The Main access to the property is located at the right extreme of the first bay, which develops through a lobby that serves as a pause between urban reality and the serene interior environment. The rest of the bay had enough space to develop a bedroom with an internal bathroom. All the social area is located in the second bay. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are developed in n a single space, which is linked to the