Callús Footbridge | ArchiTravel
The construction of this footbridge in Callús, a small town 80 km northwest of Barcelona, is the first of a two phase project to replace an old bridge over the River Cardener that was originally built in 1931, destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, and reconstructed again in 1943. Since the existing structure is too narrow for both, vehicles and pedestrians, it was necessary to provide a safer and more functional crossing for pedestrians. Furthermore, recent tests had shown that its reinforced concrete structure didn't comply with current standards. For these reasons, the owner, the Diputació de Barcelona, decided to replace the bridge in two phases. In the first phase this new footbridge was built downstream of the existing deck; and in the second phase a new highway bridge will be placed upstream of the old bridge, which will then be demolished. © Xavier Font Since the footbridge links the two main neighbourhoods of the town, separated from each other by the river,