Bayreuth Sports Youth Hostel | ArchiTravel
It's the new generation of youth hostels – innovative, integrative and international - and has recently opened in Bayreuth, Germany. The fluid structure is integrated into the landscape, with contemporary materials and holistic sustainability – a place for active people of all abilities. © Häfele, Studio Huber LAVA's concept for the sports hostel is: 1. Innovative – inventive new spatial configuration of the whole facility, including individual room modules, material use and design 2. Integrated – inclusive 'barrier-free' building, with sporting areas merging directly with the building, and accessible spaces, facilities and grounds 3. International - the design from creates a feeling of place and combines it with contemporary elements Bayreuth's global partner cities © LAVA Tobias Wallisser, LAVA director, said: "LAVA chose a 'Y' shape for the 180-bed hostel because it cleverly generates a connective central space and interweaves the interior and