Aruá Building | ArchiTravel
The Aruá building was designed considering 4 different blocks joined by a common vertical circulation. The work is similar to a jigsaw puzzle made up of four buildings with different blueprints and heights, merged into one. The combination of these volumes forms an ascending spiral, as each block has a floor that is higher than the previous one. This movement inspired the building's name, meaning snail shell in Tupi. The strategy of each volume with a different template enabled a series of penthouses with verandas and gardens at the same level, like the yard of a house, different from the usual access to the open area exclusively through a second floor. Each block received a different finish, to accentuate the difference in the blueprint and occupation of each of the volumes that comprise the building. © Rafaela Netto The building includes many references to good Brazilian modern architecture. The entrance hall is entirely open underexposed concrete columns; the