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I like Flick Golf, I feel its for the reason that this app repeat mechanic of games, which was on old samsungs and other phones. Its cool feeling! Golf Star is a golf game that lets you play out the profession as a professional golfer. You can use a selection of shots and procedures in the game to play. How you want to play and the profession mode permits you to take component in all sorts of tournaments. The app is free of charge when you download it and it presents some in app obtain. You can also set up your own tournaments with your true time good friends as you can have a game with them in the game.Flick Golf! Free is a golf game that leaves realistic simulation aside in order to supply basic, enjoyable mechanics as effectively as spectacular graphics and controls that are perfectly designed for touchscreen devices. Flick golf, is excellent for the reason that of its Simple controls and simple game play come collectively with a high score addiction to build some thing that will