Sabrina Inkwell: I Am Not a Survivor | AntiPretty Alternative Modeling
There's something powerful in becoming someone else. It's almost as if it's a way back to myself. It wasn't that long ago that I was bullied for being a geek, for being curvy, for dressing up in silly costumes, but the moment I stopped letting these things be my flaws they became my superpowers. It wasn't that long ago that my power over my body was taken from me...repeatedly...but the moment I made it my own again and made the choice to refuse to see it as anything but beautiful I became unstoppable. It took me 32 years to love my life and myself exactly the way I am, and I am determined to love it completely, unconditionally, and without questions or doubt. I am not a survivor. I am a geek. A bibliophile. A gamer. A cosplayer. A musician. A photographer. A dancer. A writer. A poet. A storyteller. Acrafter. A burner. A fire spinner. A lover of animals, the outdoors, and curiosities. I'm an adventure seeker and a traveller. I'm a pagan. I'm a switch. I'm a rope bunny. I'm pansexual