Author Ethics | Anthony St. Clair
In addition to my Quality Guarantee, I proudly adhere to the Ethical Author Code from the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). Ethical Author Code Guiding Principle: Putting the Reader First When I market my books, I put my readers first. This means that I don't engage in any practices that have the effect of misleading the readers/buyers of my books. I behave professionally online and offline when it comes to the following practices in my writing life: Courtesy I behave with courtesy and respect toward readers, other authors, reviewers and industry professionals such as agents and publishers. If I find myself in disagreement, I focus on issues rather than airing grievances or complaints in the press or online, or engaging in personal attacks of any kind. Aliases I do not hide behind an alias to boost my own sales or damage the sales or reputation of another person. If I adopt a pen name for legitimate reasons, I use it consistently and carefully. Reviewing and Rating Books I do not