Rucksack Universe update: Wander nearly ready, new manuscript underway - Journal | Anthony St. Clair
Last week I did something I'm so excited to tell you about. I signed off on the copy-edited manuscript of Wander. Yup. That's right. My copy editor and I had some final discussion about a few points, I made some last tweaks and polishes, then told him we were good to go. What's next? I'm giving the manuscript one final pass, then I'll send Wander back to my editor for proofreading. He'll make sure everything is spelled right/consistently, things are dotted and crossed the way they should be, line breaks and chapter breaks are good, all that sort of technical stuff. Once I've processed his proofing, the manuscript will be locked. That means no changes (unless I find some wayward typo). No rewriting. No second-guessing. No touch booky. From there, Wander will go into publication mode, being prepped for e-book formats and paperback. What does all this behind-the-scenes author/publisher geek-out stuff mean for you? It means that I'll shortly be telling you the release date for Wander. Get