Remembering Discworld author Terry Pratchett - Journal | Anthony St. Clair
The Discworld books that started it all As a 20-something wanderer living in Scotland, I first experienced Terry Pratchett's Discworld. At the time I was on a university exchange program in Edinburgh. It was my first time abroad, and it was equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. Maybe that's why I found it so fascinating to encounter a flat world balanced on four giant elephants, who were standing on a cosmic turtle flying through space. Reading Mort had been part of my preparation for a production with the Napier University Drama Society. I was familiar with fantasy stories, but I'd never encountered anything like the quirk, parody, and humor in these pages. Yet even though Mort was rip-achingly funny, this tale of Death taking on an apprentice also wove in real-world commentary, relatable characters, and a vivid world. I was hooked. Since those days in Scotland, I've read every Discworld book, many of them at least twice (Thud! I recently re-read for the fifth time). Discworld