November 2015 Craft Beer Articles - Craft Beer | Anthony St. Clair
Thirsty for craft beer news, especially the scene around western Oregon? Here are some of my articles for November 2015: Lane Monthly Magazine Filling the Festival Void - Lane Monthly McKenzie Cider & Craft Beer celebrates its fourth festival! On Nov. 13–14, over 5,000 people will enjoy 190 beers and ciders at the McKenzie Cider & Craft Beer Festival (MCCBF). Presented by the McKenzie After 5 and Springfield Rotary Clubs and held at Springfield's Willamalane Center, MCCBF showcases regional beers and ciders to the benefit of local community organizations and Rotary Club projects. More... The Register-Guard McMenamins still has fresh legs after a million kegs of craft beer - Tastings - The Register-Guard The influential chain of brewpubs, now 30 years old, serves up distinctively different bestselling beers that endure in an ever-more competitive market. More... Oregon Beer Growler Matt Van Wyk, Coombs Brothers Launch AleSong - Oregon Beer Growler (print edition, p. 14) After