Divine Proportion Pilates Studio - Copywriting & Marketing Projects | Anthony St. Clair
In a competitive industry, how do you talk about your services in a way that makes you unique and appeals to the right prospects? For the Divine Proportion Pilates studio, the answer was simple: convey not only the services, but the studio's underlying ethos and philosophy. This led to the creation of the "Beyond Exercise" tagline, around which we developed all the website copy that the client used to attract new business through her flagship website. Through research and interviews with the client and her graphic designer, plus a thorough understanding of the scope of the website, I was able to understand all aspects of the business and services being promoted. From here I efficiently crafted effective brand messaging, a website/business tagline and website copy that met the client's needs and appealed to her desired customer base. The copy for the website homepage and all inside pages works together to convey not only the services offered, but the personality and philosophy of an