9 Budget Friendly Alternative Noche Buena - Ang Sarap
Celebrating Noche Buena in the Philippines is quite important that is why even the less affluent members of the society still give effort and spend some money to observe this tradition. If you are quite tight on budget this year and have a hard time planning what to serve tonight then here are some last minute ideas with budget on mind. These are alternative recipes of your usual favourites but instead of a massive preparation and allocating a bigger budget the recipes below can per prepared during the last minutes just before midnight, so what are you waiting for, you can still go to the palengke --------- and buy any missing ingredients for that feast tonight. ---------------------next page Top 9 -7 ------------------- 9 . Fiesta Float instead of Crema de Fruta Crema de Fruta can be quite tedious to make and expensive, you need to bake some chiffon cake, make some custard, add some fruit cocktail then top it with some jelly and cool it down to set. That will take some time and a great effort to prepare, want something quick that taste and looks nearly the same with less ingredients? Then try this fiesta float. [Get the recipe -------------------] 8 . Embutido instead of Morcon Beef specially a whole slab of it can be expensive back home but minced meat is way much cheaper so the best alternative for Morcon is this Embutido. [Get the recipe -------------------] 7 . Gulaman instead of Cathedral Jelly Agar agar ---------- will definitely be cheaper than the readymade jelly found in the supermarket, so instead of the fancy colourful jelly replace it with this pink ones. Trust me young girls would love the fact that these are pink. [Get the recipe -------------------] ---------------------next page Top 6- 4------------------- 6 . Pancit instead of Spaghetti Tomato Sauce, Pasta, Minced Meat, Hotdogs and Cheese usually becomes expensive during these times back home because the sellers know that there is a huge demand for it so instead of preparing these noodles try Pancit. With Pancit you can control the amount of ingredients to add and it will still taste awesome, trust me I tried food court Pancit and the lesser the ingredients the better they were. [Get the recipe -------------------] [Get the recipe -------------------] 5 . Lechon Kawali or Bagnet instead of Lechon No moolah for a whole pig then just get a part of its belly, some oil then you are one step to some deep frying goodness. [Get the recipe -------------------] [Get the recipe -------------------] 4 . Mamon instead of Ube Cake Looking to make something soft and fluffy as a cake? Out of budget to buy that ube cake from Goldilocks ------------ or Red Ribbon ------------. Then make them something as simple as Mamon at home, it only takes 15 minutes to bake. [Get the recipe -------------------] ---------------------next page Top 3 - 1------------------- 3 . Lumpiang Gulay instead of Lumpiang Sariwa Lumpiang Sariwa might be tiresome to make, imagine making those crepes one by one, if you don’t have that much time left then make Lumpiang Gulay instead, no need to make those crepes just buy those really affordable wrappers from the nearest palengke ------------ and you’re one step nearer to that deep fried vegetable goodness. [Get the recipe -------------------] 2 . Pinaputok na Isda instead of Barbecue Want something to barbecue but you don’t have time to marinate? Why not grill some fish, I bet this would be a better and healthier alternative, it will be cheaper too. [Get the recipe -------------------] 1 . Cheese Sticks instead of Keso de Bola Keso de Bola ------- is quite overrated, it’s expensive and not everyone loves it why not change it to something everyone likes eating, a dish that is still cheesy but will definitely please a crowd. Cheese sticks might need an additional step of cooking before serving them unlike the usual cheeses where you just slice them but who does not like deep fried stuff? [Get the recipe -------------------] There you go our list for our Last Minute Budget Friendly Alternatives to Popular Noche Buena Recipes, hopefully you will find this list helpful and give you an idea on how to still enjoy a great Christmas Eve supper even if you have a tight time and budget.