Stuff Alaric Said: The Show Notes - Ancient History Fangirl
OK. I wasn’t going to do this (this is Jenny writing), but Genn insisted that I include my ultra-secret Alaric theme song, “Meridian” by Zola Blood. Maaaaybe I have this song on constant repeat all the time. Brace yourself for the feels. Yup…now you all know the true depths of my Alaric obsession. I’m a little embarrassed. Red sky during Storm Ophelia Also, just for fun, here’s a weird-weather pic from Storm Ophelia in the UK. We’ve put up more on our Instagram. Look at that creepy sky! OK. On to our sources. We got a lot from 410 AD: The Year that Shook Rome by David Stuttard and Sam Morehead: Also, we totally lucked into finding this fascinating book. Chronicles of the Barbarians: Firsthand Accounts of Pillage and Conquest, From the Ancient World to the Fall of Constantinople by David Willis McCollough: A Brief History of the Roman Empire by Stephen P. Kershaw was also very helpful: We bow down before the consummate scholar of the Goths, Peter Heather. We used The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and the Barbarians, as well as The Goths. Also Rome’s Gothic Wars: From the Third Century to Alaric by Michael Kulikowski: We got most of what we [...]