Retour sur le déjeuner rencontre de Stephanie Phair avec les lycéens - Les Anciens du Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres
Les lycéens ont beaucoup apprécie ce moment. Voici ce qu'ils en disent : « It was a privilege to meet Stéphanie Phair. Her path is fascinating, she was engaging, open and very approachable. This Déjeuner Rencontre has allowed me to get to know more about the universe of Startups, the- commerce and the importance of the marketing strategy. A big thanks for les Anciens du Lycee for giving us this opportunity. » « The meeting with Stephanie Phair was not only influential but also beneficial on many different levels. She has presented to us the fashion world from a different perspective ; a perspective I personally did not know about. It has made me think more about my future and career in the fashion industry. I always thought that being part of this challenging world was an impossible (...)