When Did We Stop…? | Amelia's Retro-Vogue & Relics
Recently, I was preparing to do some restoration on a small collection of 30's hats I had acquired, and was reached to my library for inspiration. For years, I have owned a Dover Press series of books; selected pages from the Sears catalogs and other popular clothing vendors of each decade from 1890 to 1960. I frequently use these for getting a sense of the silhouette for a costume I am designing, or to help a customer understand what a 1930's (or '40's, etc) might actually look like. The images up until the '40's are drawings, not photographs, and are examples of what an average American was likely to wear. Research shows that Paris was several years ahead and some styles were never embraced by the average citizen. thumbing thru I noticed that there were specific hats featuring older women as models. By older, I mean women in their mid to late 70's. They look lovely and the hats suit them. Tag lines under these women read things like "Models of Dignity", and "Gracious Ladies".