Wearing Vintage | Amelia's Retro-Vogue & Relics
Wearing vintage for me started in an era I now sell in my shop: the 60's (along with mid-1800's to 1950's). The Summer of Love, Hendrix, Janis, and the British Invasion all had an influence, and it didn't hurt that I was built like Twiggy. It also didn't hurt I had a mom who was a clotheshorse, and liked seeing her daughter look like a fashion plate. Then, off to college for a degree in the arts, reduced to a tiny budget and a love of the movies of the Golden Age of Hollywood made that .25cent gaberdine 40's jacket Just The Thing. Wearing and selling vintage for all of my adult life, I find myself taking the "Advanced Style" option more frequently. I enjoy rattling cages and expectations here in Austin, something that is celebrated in our Arts heavy culture. Past the age of "cute", I love walking out of the house in one of my 30's, 40's or 50's outfits, complete with one of the hats from my extensive collection, looking elegant, sophisticated, stylish and yes, powerful. Generating