The Mystery in The Photographs | Amelia's Retro-Vogue & Relics
Yesterday my husband Jerry presented me with a small stack of sepia-toned, professionally made portraits that dated back to the late 1800's. He was impressed by the style of the people; in one a couple is standing straight and proud, in what would have been "walking attire". Another shows an older gentleman wearing a casual cap and a dapper cigar smoking youth sitting side-by-side. In another a young family of 5, the handsome father's shoes shined to a mirrored finish; there is one of a single gentleman wearing a fitted suit showing off a love of pens and wide watch chains. The final image is a 30's portrait of a beautiful young woman gazing over a hugh fox collar. Accessories include hats, gloves, umbrellas and parasols, jewelry and clothing that speaks of a family of substance. On the back of the single gentleman's portrait is a note in fountain pen ink that ID's him as "B.B. Chambers". I am intrigued by the stories that can be pulled out of these old photos...and these photos