Domaine Cavalier, 2013 IGP St Guilhem Le Désert Val de Montferrand Rouge 2013
BRAND BACKGROUND The Cavalier Field is located in the vineyards of Château de Lascaux. Grouped around a farmhouse Cevennes, the plots of vines that extend over 25 ha constitute its own identity and expression of the soil around the Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Red in White. Harvest date rigorously determined by tasting the grapes and analytical results of different settings. Traditional vinification with maceration of 3 weeks. In vats for 3 months before bottling. TASTING NOTES 50% Cabermet Sauvignon40% Syrah10% Merlot Colour: Purple RedNose: Fresh fruitsMouth: Freshness in the mouth and lots of mineralityParing: Peking Duck with mandarine