DAY 30: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)
“A perfect dinner for me is being with people I really want to be with. It starts and stops with my company and my family.” Catherine Bach About My Family I have family everywhere! I consider close friends part of that family, too. Therefore, I’m just sharing a bit about my immediate family members. Nothing major. I’ll leave that for a future AMA. .من مکزیکی هستم ویک خانواده بزرگ دارم Man Mekezakea hestem w ak khanewadh bezregu darem. I am Mexican and have a large family. .من متأهل هستم Man metahel hestem. I am married. .نام شو هر من جورج است Nam shewher man jewrej ast. My husband’s name is George. .من یک سگ کوچک است Man ak segu kewechek aset. I have a small dog. .من دو برادر و یک خواهر دارم Man dew berader w ak khewaher darem. I have two brothers and one sister. My Day 30 Worksheet PIN ME!