DAY 29: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)
Today is the greatest. Day, I’ve ever known. Smashing Pumpkins How Was Your Day? My day was pretty mellow actually. I had so much to do, and I didn’t have time to go to the library or the post office. The weather WAS nice, but unfortunately I was stuck indoors for the day. BOO! .من در خانه ماندم Man der khanh manedm. I stayed home. .من برنج و مرغ رابرای ناهار خوردم Man bernej w mergh ra beraa nahar khewredm. I ate rice and chicken for lunch. .خیلی کارها باید انجام بشود Khala kearha baad anejam beshewd. There is a lot to do. (Much work is to be done.) .من فارس را مطالعه کردم Man fares ra metal’eh keredm. I studied Fārsī. .من یک کتاب در مورد کسب و کار خو انده ام Man ak ketab der mewred keseb w kear khewanedh am. I read a book about business. .سپس لباس هایم را می شستم Sepes lebas haam ra ma shestem. Then I washed my clothes. .من یک برنامه شلوغ دارم Man ak bernamh shelwegh darem. I have a busy schedule. .هوا خوب بو د Hewa khewb bewd. The weather was nice. .من می خواهم این آخر هفته به ساحل بروم Man ma khewahem aan akher hefth bh sahel berwem. I want to go to the beach this weekend. My Day 29 Worksheet PIN ME! Related