DAY 19: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)
اندیشه مکن بکن تو خود را در خوابکاندیشه زه روی مه حجابست حجابدل چون ما هست در دل اندیشه مدارانداز تو اندیشه گری را در اب Andîsheh makon, bekon to khod râ dar khâb,Ke-andîsheh ze roy-è Mâh hejâb ast hejâb.Del chon Mâh ast, dar del andîsheh madâr,Andâz to andîsheh-ghary râ dar Âb Don’t even think, just let yourself dream.Thoughts are veils that hide the moon’s bright face.The heart’s a moon, where thinking has no place.Toss these thoughts away into the stream. 10 Essential Travel Phrases in Persian Remembering my adventures while traveling, I figured these would be the 10 most useful travel phrases. You could say asking for directions should be here too, and I agree. Trust me it was hard to narrow it down to 10 travel phrases. I suggest that if you are short on time and need to learn a language ASAP, learn travel phrases first! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a fan of Living Language‘s In-Flight series. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find one for Persian (Fārsī) anywhere. به پلیس خبر بد هید Be polis khabar bedahid. Call the police. لطفا مرا کمک کنید Lotfan mara komak konid. Please help me. ببخشید دستشو یی کجاست؟ Bebakhshid, dastshooii kojasst? Excuse me, where is the bathroom? لطفا مرا به بیما رستان برسونید Lotfan mara be bimarestan beresoonid! Please take me to the hospital. چند میشه؟ Chand mishe? How much is it? این نزدیکی ها صرافی هست؟ In nazdikihaa sarraafi hast? Is there an exchange office near here? ببخشید، اینترنت ساعتی چنده؟ Bebakhshid, internet saa’ati chandeh? Excuse me, how much is the internet for one hour? یک بلیت چنده؟ Yek billet chandeh? How much is a ticket? یک بلیت اتوبوس، لطفآ Yek billet otobus, lotfan. One bus ticket please! اینجاها داروخانه هست؟ Injaha darookhaneh hast? Is there a pharmacy nearby? My Day 19 Worksheet PIN ME!