DAY 14: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)
گر صبر کنی٬ ز غوره حلوا سازی gar sabr koni, ze γure halvā sāzi “With time and art the leaf of a mulberry-tree becomes satin.”Literally, “If you exercise patience, you may make a sweet-meat out of the sour grape.” Ordering Food in Persian (Fārsī) Today I learned that the sale and consumption of alcohol are illegal in Iran. Therefore, I couldn’t order ‘a glass of wine’ or a ‘pint of beer’ in my pretend restaurant. What a bummer. Still, I made a simple script, so I won’t starve! Phrases and Vocabulary می‌توانم منو را ببینم ؟ mitavânam menu râ bebinam? Can I look at the menu, please? غذای محلی دارید ؟ qazâyè mahalli dârid? Is there a local specialty? . غذایی می‌خواهم که ماهی داشته باشد qazâyì mixâham ke mâhi dâšte bâšad. I want a dish containing fish. یک لیوان آب می‌خواستم ؟ yek livân âb mixâstam? May I have a glass of water? خوشمزه بود xošmazze bud It was delicious. صورَت‌َحِسابلُطفا surat-hesâb, lotfan. The check, please. متشکرم motshakeram Thank you. ماهی mâhi fish آب âb water آناناس aanaanaas pineapple سیب زمینی sib zamini potato پنیر panir cheese تخم مرغ toxmè morq eggs سالاد sâlâd salad نان nân bread مرغ morq chicken پیتزا peateza pizza ساندویچ sānedoyech sandwich آبنبات ābenebāt candy My Day 14 Worksheet *Hey, this page contains affiliate links. There’s no extra cost to you, but I receive a small commission when you decide to use them. They help me keep this party going. PIN ME!