DAY 11: #31DayAspiringPolyglot Challenge – Learning Persian (Fārsī)
در نومیدی بسی امید است پایان شب سیه سپید است dar nomidi basi omid ast pāyān-e šab-e siyah sepid ast “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”Literally, “There is much hope in hopelessness; for at the end of the dark night, there is light.” Language Learning and Anxiety It’s hard for some of my friends and family members to believe that I could ever stumble while learning a language. I get put in the “you’re so smart you learn languages through osmosis.” I wish that were the case, but I have my own struggles with language learning and learning Persian (Fārsī) is no exception. Today’s module asked everyone to change their social media language settings or phone language settings to the language they are learning. When I tried to change my iPhone language settings to Persian (Fārsī), they were nowhere to be found. I had already added the Persian (Fārsī) keyboard, but I guess iOS doesn’t support Persian (Fārsī). Then, I went and opened the browser and changed the language settings to my Facebook account. I immediately changed it back to English. In those couple of seconds, I felt as if I had a panic attack. Not only did it changed the text to Persian (Fārsī), it also changed the Facebook layout. Remember Persian (Fārsī) is read from right to left. I think the entire experience was too drastic of a change and I panicked. Needless to say, I opted to look up news sites in Persian (Fārsī) to get used the layout of things first and I will try again tomorrow. Here is to show you that no matter if you are learning a language for the first or tenth time, it can be overwhelming! Take a deep breath and try again. Always try again! My Day 11 Worksheet *Hey, this page contains affiliate links. There’s no extra cost to you, but I receive a small commission when you decide to use them. They help me keep this party going. PIN ME!