Ulrike Ginko A3 Lino Cut Print by Studio Wald
Studio Wald is a small UK based design studio specialising in paper products. Their designs typically fit into two categories - botanical and monochrome. Which is handy, since they're two of our favourite interior styles. Ulrike Rost is the mother of Jakob, one of the Wald founders, which is also handy, as it means they get to offer up her gorgeous plant themed work!We absolutely couldn't resist this A3 lino print when we saw it. Featuring the simple silhouette of a ginko leaf, each print is unique. This is because the lino plate is inked up between each print causing some variation in ink colour and density.The Ulrike Ginko lino cut print by Studio Wald is hand printed in the UK on 160 natural white cartridge paper and is supplied unframed.