Freedom Isn't Free
As a guy that grew up in a small town I would often see this on self-claimed rednecks. They strived very hard to earn their titles and went out of their way to offend people of different roots. I suspect most of them were poor and in many cases bullied by their parents. This for them was a way like most stupid groups to have a feeling of belonging to something. It is however and always will be remaining an offensive statement of all newcomers to America to them a new world an offensive statement flown high otherwise known as the Confederate Flag of an old world mindset of days past. Yes, the flag is heritage but the liberal slave agenda it stood for is a history that much like nazi Germany doesn’t need to be flown as the ideals are no longer shared. Across America and Canada we see the banning of a statement that no longer stands for the ideals of North Americans or that of the modern world in a stand against isolationist oppressive agendas. So today I commend America for the removal of a flag that stood for keeping people apart and look to the red [...]