Resolutions and Reflections of 2016
“The only value we have as human beings is the risks we‘re willing to take” – Ernest Hemmingway Last year was a hard year not because of what I could control but because of what I couldn’t. I lost one of my favourite people, my grandmother, an uncle, and a friend that was way too young to go. The local economy reported the biggest drop in generations. A tyrant walked into office despite my every confidence in people. I guess they just wanted change which I get. Politicians this side of the border spent their face off while pushing out messages critically damaging the energy sector throwing us further behind. I spent a business quarter waiting on a developer that begged me to let him work on my oil & gas network only to produce nothing despite chances. I was no worse off because of it but it taught me a final lesson about giving people chances that probably don’t deserve it. Somehow, I managed to do worse off than the year before perhaps because I had other convictions at the time assuming the corner would turn in the market. 2016 wasn’t all bad though, my predictions of the stock market were [...]