The New Art of War
The wars of yesterday are all but gone. Today, a new war is being fought and a silent enemy sneaks between the lines with great stealth. As of the past two years most are still at surrender. Laziness, ignorance, and greed plague our society. The few that recognize it exploit it to no end as a capitalist will always do. Mankind’s innate need to consume blinds the realities of an imminent and ever present future. The ten year recessionary cycles are ever more predictable as corporations are allowed to repeat the same insanity that continues to drag the economies further into an artificial debt of infinite servitude. The brain drain is fulfilled overseas by more inclined and willing talent. The jobs of yesterday are gone, and with it are the imaginations of the once ambitious visionaries. A sold out market, and a blind eye is turned to the realities of the new art of war. There is hope in North America. We live in a region of the world where commodities save our ignorance, and our few economic limitations allow us to recover with limited effort. This plan is not sustainable, and it’s most certainly not as strong as it [...]