Redefining Success Still Making Mistakes by Brett Wilson Book Review
It took me a really long time to get down to reading Brett Wilson’s book, “Redefining Success Still Making Mistakes,” but when I finally did I didn’t regret the investment of my time. I’ve engaged with Brett in tweets over the years and met him once ironically around an investor meeting. People were looking to invest in my company Oil Authority an industry network site and Brett just happened to be at the same restaurant with large table of people. In regular fashion, he was wearing a bright patterned shirt. While I’m not unusually enamored with celebrity types I’ve definitely got a profound amount of respect for those that have a legitimate amount of success in building great companies. Brett definitely has a solid history of doing so and he talks about these successes in his book. He caught me off guard when he said my name after talking about his book to a friend. This shocked me because as a rule most of us don’t pay attention to others names unless they have some significance to us. They say one of the key factors of success is not IQ but EQ (Emotional Intelligence). I can tell you from first-hand experience he’s [...]