A Very Special Adult Diapering Night - ABDL Lover Adult Baby Diaper Lover Phone Sex
Tonight is a very special night, little one. Why did I call you “little one”? Well, that IS what you have, isn’t it? But yes, tonight is a special night, because tonight we put that little one where it belongs. Open the first package. Isn’t that sweet? It’s a cute pink Abdl pacifier! I want you to put that in your mouth and lay on your back. Do it now! You better obey me! Now … I’ll just remove these pesky clothes while you unwrap the next package. …. Do you know what that is? That’s right – it’s a DIAPER. A cute, printed, princess themed diaper for a diaper-sissy just your size! Well of COURSE you’re going to wear it. You’ll wear it because that is what I wish you to do. It’s okay, it has its perks that go along with it. Like the way I am right now massaging baby lotion into your diaper area. Doesn’t that feel good? No?????? You have a little body part here that tells me you think otherwise, little one. You should be happy. I WAS going to get a cage for you, but … well, once I saw what you actually had here, I thought it would be safe enough if I just put it in a Adult diaper. Here we go – I am going to pull it up tight between your legs and up to your tummy! Just think – if you weren’t that size, I wouldn’t be able to get this diaper this tight! There we go, all taped up. Little one is right where he belongs for beddy bye! Now just think – we will get to do this EVERY NIGHT! For the rest of your life! Jenna 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #abdlsitter #diapersissy #abdlphonesex