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With our wealth of experience & as part of our service, we can offer advice on various aspects of your function to maximize the enjoyment. Did you know for instance? When booking a venue if you really want your night to be a success try and find one with the bar in the same room as the dancefloor. We have found that over the years all of the best functions have had this arrangement. A full compact function suite with the bar in the same room with all of your guests makes for a much better atmosphere than having the bar in a seperate room and having half in one room and half in the other. We have worked in many of the counties function rooms and will be able to recommend the better ones should you still be planning. Consider the hours of the venue, some can finish as early as 11.00pm whilst others (with prior notice) can go through to 1.00am or later. 12 o'clock finishes are generally best for weddings as guests tend to have had a very long day, much better to go out with a bang