Mad Men: Season Four (Lionsgate) | The 13th Floor
Sure, Mad Men may just be a glorified soap opera, but it's a darn compelling one. Season Four has just finished its run on New Zealand television and the 3-disc DVD set is now available in stores. This season finds Don Draper and his cohorts in 1965 and it's a much different world than when they started out four years ago. Don is divorced and his new agency is struggling to stay afloat. We also see that Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, is not flawless. In the first episode he manages to bungle a newspaper interview profiling him. Fortunately, he has just helped create an award-winning ad. So creatively, he's still at his peak, but he needs work on promoting himself and his new company. It is a bit disconcerting to see Don lose control from time to time and to make choices that he might not have earlier in the series. But then, that's one of the things that makes Mad Men such fun to watch, these characters are capable of change and of surprising us. Having divorced Betty (January