South Africa - WWF: together possible
For 62-year-old Winston Hull, the story of fishing on South Africa’s Kogelberg coast is intertwined with the story of his family and his community. Winston and his wife Mary are small-scale fishers who depend on marine resources for their livelihoods. “We fisher folk – now I am talking of the real fisher folk – don’t have blood in our veins,” says Winston. “We have salt water in our veins. In my case I got it from my grandfather’s side.” WWF is working on a novel fisheries improvement project with small-scale fishers like the Hulls. “It is a tough balancing act, but community development and marine protection need not be mutually exclusive,” says Mkhululi Silandela, small-scale fisheries officer with WWF-South Africa. “The trick is to get community support to combat overfishing.”