MOZAMBIQUE - WWF: together possible
Photos by WWF Photographer James Morgan Gorgeous beaches, pristine coral reefs, marine life ranging from humpback whales weighing 40 tons to transparent shrimp smaller than a thumbnail. Coastal Mozambique may seem like paradise, but the people who live here must work incredibly hard to make ends meet. Their well-being is linked directly to the health of the ocean – the main source of their daily food and income. Mafamede island is ringed by a coral reef that supports an astonishing, but dwindling, array of marine life. This is what draws fishermen from the town of Angoche and other nearby villages. Unfortunately, the island increasingly draws fishermen from much farther afield as well, and current Mozambican law has not yet given locals exclusive access to their traditional fishing grounds. That is part of why WWF is here – to work with communities and authorities to design a fisheries management plan that works for people and nature.