CHILE - WWF: together possible
Photos by WWF Photographer Meridith Kohut It’s like something from a spy novel. A caravan of seven cars moving illegal goods – the first car is a decoy with legal product and paperwork. As inspectors check that car, the others loaded with contraband pass without even slowing down. They aren’t moving jewels, stolen art or weapons. They’re moving fish. That’s right. Black market fish. It’s big business, estimated to cost the global economy as much as $23 billion a year. That figure is almost too big to comprehend, but law-abiding fishermen understand very well the cost of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. Antonio Bustos’ family has been fishing Chile’s coastal waters for more than four generations. Artisanal fishers like him used to be able to earn a good living, but increased competition for dwindling fish stocks have made it harder to stay afloat. Some have decided to ignore the quotas that are meant to let fish populations rebound.