Writer Strong: My Obsessive-Compulsive Muse | Writers In The Storm
Today's guest, Barbara Claypole White, is a strong woman, a great mom, and a Women's Fiction Author -- a good one, as you'll see from her post. Here's Barbara: Readers constantly ask if my debut novel, THE UNFINISHED GARDEN, is autobiographical. Since my heroine is a young widow, the answer is always, "God, I hope not." There are, however, echoes of my life in everything I write. Writing is my escape, my coping mechanism, and the way I process my world. A huge part of that world is dominated by son's OCD—a debilitating anxiety disorder that is often described as an allergy to life. An award-winning poet, the Beloved Teenage Delinquent has battled OCD since he was four. He's the poster child for fighting mental illness stigma: He's stunningly good looking, funny, compassionate, has lots of friends, a near perfect GPA, his own band, a cute girlfriend…. But he and I have visited hell together. More than once. How have we survived? Hope, humor, and the British war mentality. Plus, we both