WriterStrong: 8 Tips To Bring Your Readers Along For The Ride | Writers In The Storm
Photo: WANA Commons ~ kbowenwriter by Susan Squires Reading is all about suspending disbelief. Readers stare at a two-dimensional piece of paper or a flat screen with glyphs on it and imagine they're traveling to unknown lands and meeting interesting people. They treasure being whisked away from everyday life. It's an addictive experience. As writers, we want them addicted to our books. It's our burden to help readers suspend disbelief and come along with us for the ride. When you write paranormal romances, your world may contain vampires, or magic or time travel. That's a lot of disbelief to suspend. One wrong step and the book is put down, perhaps never to be picked up again. So how do you get readers to suspend disbelief? I've found that the main ways are familiarity, immersion, and speed. I'll give some examples at the end from my books. Your readers will follow you anywhere if they believe in your characters, your settings, and your events. So you must make them very real and