WriterStrong: Are You Portraying Strong Character Relationships? | Writers In The Storm
You are in for a treat, because we enticed a stellar new author to WITS today. I read Sharla Lovelace's debut novel, The Reason is You, after the RWA National Conference. I read. A lot. And Sharla's book is the best I've read this year. You're getting in on a Pre-NYT Bestseller here. I'm not kidding, remember you read it here first. Read on, you'll see what I mean. Take it away, Sharla! Hello everyone and thank you for having me! I'm going to start this out with a shocking confession. I don't follow rules. I just do it. See, the amazing Laura Drake invited me to talk about my writing strength today, and was very kind to say that she felt that strength was in how I portray relationships. So I thought, "Cool. I can do that." Others have told me that. It's actually one of the things that my agent likes the most about my work. So, no problem. Except that what I found is that all I can say about it is "Thank you," as I bow and sit back down. Because I have no idea how it comes to