A Cauldron of Spooky Words for Your Halloween | Writers In The Storm
By Sharla Rae You gotta love Halloween. After all, it's why I'm giving you my Spooky Word List this month. The truth is, writers enjoy Halloween every time they write. It's the fun part of our jobs. We don the temporary skins/costumes of our characters, and from the safety of our computer desks, we might also jump into unpleasant or scary situations. Whether or not we're writing a scary scene or just describing a yucky situation, we need to paint pictures of the scene and show our characters' reactions without sounding like a clichéd grade B movie. That's the hard part, especially when it comes to scary scenes. In Margie Lawson's recent blog, Ax Your Cliches: How and Why, she gives examples of how to do this. I love her solution of playing off the cliché to devise your own creative expressions. That's where word lists are often helpful. After reading this list I can almost guarantee that creepy-crawlers will make you want to claw at your skin. This is a list of verbs, adjectives and