It's Halloween! Get Your Spooky On... | Writers In The Storm
In honor of Halloween, we decided to take a hiatus from the norm to tell ghost stories! But they're all true. So sit back, enjoy, and relax . . . if you can! Buahahahaha! Orly Konig-Lopez A group of us were headed to a party at a friend's house. They lived on a country road that was quite dark at night. We were caravanning in two cars. I was in the first car but in the back seat. We weren't driving fast—lots of ruts in the road—but still probably faster than we should have been (hey, we were in high school.) The second car was pretty close behind us with their brights on so the driver was swerving a bit trying to keep the headlights from blinding us. We came around a bend, just before the clearing for the house, trees on both sides of the road, when a man walked out of the woods and in front of the car. He was wearing a baseball cap, a red shirt and jeans. He stopped and looked directly at us just as the car hit him. Needless to say we all screamed and jumped out of the car. The