The Secret Pleasure of Writing | Writers In The Storm
Merry Christmas from Writers In The Storm! We are delighted to welcome back Louisa Bacio to talk to you about stealing time for your writing, especially during this season where it feels like everything is pulling you in a million directions. Take it away, Louisa... ********** Shhh! Come here. I want to share something with you. Are we alone? No one lurking, and listening? I've got a secret pleasure. One that many people don't understand. In fact, my family – who are the closest to me, and you know LIVE with me – don't really get it. I need to write. Do you feel me? And when time gets tight, the kids are off school for winter break and the holidays creep in, well, then I don't often get that much-needed writing time. And you know what happens when I don't write? I get cranky. It's like my fingers itch for a keyboard. I wake in the middle of the night, dreaming about stories. So my question is, why don't people get it? I mean, my husband can watch college football for ten hours on a