The Most Important Writing Lesson I Ever Learned | Writers In The Storm
By Jenny Hansen Based on the title of this post, you might think I'm going to talk about plotting or character arcs or 3-Act structure… That's a big fat "Nope!" to all three. There's a lesson that comes before all those things and it has taken me a long time to get it through my head. Here it is: When it comes to writing, "Done" is better than "Good." Now, some of you might disagree with me, so let me share a conversation I had with one of my tweeps, Natalie Hartford, who's just getting started on the writing road. Like me, she enrolled in Round 4 of ROW80 – the writing challenge that knows you have a life – and her goals were a flurry of planning, studying, reading…and not WRITING. The other day, we had this chat on Facebook: Me: Oh, one last thing…OF COURSE you're going to write a great book. But you're stalling with all this prep. Just start writing all willy-nilly and see what comes out. Pretty please? I KNOW you have an awesome book inside of you. But we all have to write like 3