Are You Playing To Your Strengths? | Writers In The Storm
As a corporate software trainer, I've got to be ON each day I'm in the classroom. It doesn't matter whether I was up all night with a teething baby or if my best friend and I had a fight. Nobody cares about those things when they come in for a day of Word or Excel or leadership training. They're focused on what they need to learn and it's my job to deliver. There are personality types who would hate my job. They'd get tired by all that "on" business. I see it a little differently. Every day that I walk into the classroom, I know: All my problems get checked at the door. I'm going to provide a service. I'm going to have a fun day. I'll get to see people learn, and light up over what they learn. Do you see a trend with perks I listed above? It's me, me, I, I. Even though it doesn't look like it. Training is a vacation from my own busy head where I get to focus on other people. It works for me because it plays on some of my innate strengths. I went to a Training conference earlier this