Writing Advice From Famous TV Writer, Stephen J. Cannell | Writers In The Storm
by Jenny Hansen Today, I'd like to introduce you to the late, great mystery and TV writer, Stephen J. Cannell. Trust me, most of you have watched his shows. As many of you know, all of us at Writers In The Storm are blessed by geography to live near an active RWA chapter that gets incredible speakers. Several years back, Stephen J. Cannell came to our monthly event to speak and there was a huge flurry of excitement. At the time, I hadn't a clue who he was, but I still got caught up in the buzz. So Mr. Cannell gets up to talk and he just looks like a Hollywood guy: sexy in a lanky-guy way, salt and pepper hair, snappy dresser. His easy smile and raspy voice commanded attention. Here's what I know now that I didn't know when I arrived at the meeting that day: Cannell created or co-created nearly 40 television series, mostly crime dramas. (In addition to The Rockford Files, his credits include Baretta, The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team, Wiseguy, 21 Jump Street, Silk