Writing a Deeper Story | Writers In The Storm
By Laura Drake ANNOUNCEMENT: Writers in the Storm is kicking off the summer with a series of guest blogs and we are so excited! First in our Summer Line-up is social media guru, Kristen Lamb. Not only is she the author of two best-selling books, We Are Not Alone–The Writer's Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It's Me, Writer , she is an amazing teacher. You can find Kristen at (or here at Writers In The Storm next Friday) but I warn you...her blogs are highly addictive! Now - on to the subject of the day -- One of the most difficult aspects of craft I've struggled to master is "Show don't tell." Yes, I know, this has been covered in a hundred blogs. But I think the reason it's discussed so often is because there's so much to it. It's an onion; you have to peel back layers of complexity to get to the nuances that you find in great fiction. The first layer, I discovered when someone told me I was using weak verbs. Passive, 'To be'