Like With Like = Great Story Flow | Writers In The Storm
By Sharla Rae I preach Like With Like to my critique partners all the time and once in a while, they remind me to practice what I preach. So what do I mean by like with like? It's not as easy to explain on paper as it is to point out the mistake in a WIP but here goes. Like with like has to do with story flow. I'm certain we've all read drafts and realized a certain tidbit of information was in the wrong place. It interrupts the flow of the scene and the action. Think of this interruption as a speed bump in the middle of a race track. If a race car were to hit one it would spin out of the action. These speed bumps are not to be confused with a data dump, sections of lengthy description, background or character internalization that detour a reader off the path before returning them to the action. Speed bumps are misplaced bits of information that amount to a word or a couple of sentences that need to be cut and pasted elsewhere. They're more jarring than data dumps because they pop up