Point of View, Whose Head Should I Be In? | Writers In The Storm
by Sharla Rae The first thing writers learn about Point of View or POV is that it refers to whose perspective through which the reader experiences the sounds, smells, actions and emotions of a story/scene. Seems simple, but sometimes knowing which character's head to be in isn't simple. Most of us in the romance genre use third-person or first-person. First-person isn't easy to write, but when it comes to choosing POV, it's easy. The story is always viewed from one person's perspective, the character who is telling the story. If the book is in third-person, especially in a romance, it's not unusual to see three or more character POVs. It's the third person stories with multiple view points that we're discussing here. How does a writer choose the point-of-view character in any given scene? In some scenes, there's only one character on stage so no problem. In most cases there's at least two. The reader may not understand a character's actions/reactions unless they are in his head or