How To Create And Customize A WordPress Child Theme | WP Help Guide
Why is a child theme important in WordPress? You install WordPress, choose a good-looking theme for your site, install it but there is something that is missing from the theme. You want to make customization but can't do it easily in the theme you installed because you know, your edits will be lost once you update the theme to a newer version. That's when Child themes comes in handy. Child theme's main purpose is to allow you to add your customization and edits in a way that won't be lost if ever the parent theme that you use send in any new updates. Child Themes are Update Proof Whether using free WordPress themes from worpress.org repository or buying a premium theme from marketplace like Themeforest, most of these comes with some form of update mechanism. When there is a new update, you get a notification in your WordPress dashboard and with one click the files of your theme are replaced with new version. In such a case if you have added customization into the core files of the