Everything living tries to get back to the soil
MARCH 7, 2012 Abraham wiped a bit of horseradish out of his beard with a paper napkin he'd swiped from some fast food joint or another. He had established quite a hoard of ill-begotten paper goods over the years, along with sugar packets, condiments, and other easily pocketed items, before he'd discovered the power of buying in bulk. Eating a roast beef sandwich didn't merit breaking into the stash of the good stuff, though, so his crumbs were caught with stolen goods. He took another bite and clicked on another random YouTube video. He'd started somewhere an hour or so ago with something he'd actually specifically intended to watch, but the internet being what it was and all, he'd lost time and all memory of where he'd started, and was now watching a man in a car giving a review of food he'd gotten at Arby's. Good napkins, Arby's.