Broken Bridge
As he sat in the emergency room, trying not to bleed on the papers the intake nurse had handed him, Deshawn started to laugh. "Don't you start," said Kellan. "Don't you even start, you make me look enough like a crazy person already." That made Deshawn laugh harder, some sound of which vibrated out his nose -- which hurt like fuck and made him snort out another little bloody spray, and that just made him laugh even harder, because yeah, he was a crazy person. "This is just not how I expected the date to end," he managed despite lacking the ability to make any nasal sounds. Kellan groaned and buried his face in his hands, and Deshawn laughed so hard he bloodied the whole inside sleeve of his sweatshirt trying to muffle it. At least with the zoo that was an ER waiting room three on a Sunday morning, his strange hysteria wasn't too far out of place. His mom and aunt had both been night-shift nurses, so he knew as long as his outbursts didn't involve anyone having to call down security on him, he was going to be fine. Everything was going to be just fine. When they called his name some ten minutes later, Deshawn stood, then looked back down at Kellan, whose adorable face was no less adorable for the look of heavy misery weighing it down. "You don't have to stay," Deshawn told him. "I can get a cab or call someone." Bless him, Kellan responded to that like Deshawn had just smacked him in the face. "No way. I'm right here." "Thanks." Deshawn gave him a little wave and what he hoped was an optimistic smile, then followed the nurse on in.