Discover Italian Talent Massimo Scognamiglio The Day Italia plays Germany Euro 2016 - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
Enter the world of Massimo Scognamiglio on the day that every Italian in the world will be glued to their television screens watching Italy take on Germany except for Massimo who will be walking around the streets of Rome. Massimo much like the late great David Bowie is always experimenting, creating using various media. Here is an interview with Massimo and an insight into the world of this talented photographer. Check out Massimo’s studio website, and his magazine The Magazine Of Everything. 1. What do you consider yourself : Artist or photographer? I’m a “visual mind” constantly experimenting and ranging between art and photography. I always confront myself with analog, instant and digital photography, and mixing them together I have distilled quite a remarkable challenge for myself. 2 . How did you start? I grow up with my grand father’s Leica rangefinder in my hands. Studying cinema allowed me to look at the world from many different perspectives. Working as creative director of some of the most important Italian communication agencies, I have always held the world of cinema & photography as the “base language” of the communication. 3. You are always creating new projects what are some future projects? A lot of projects! First of all: I created with the artist Massimo Buccilli a duo the paint as one artist: we are preparing a Solo Exhibition as painter in a huge and amazing building in the historic center of Rome (mid October). I’m preparing a performance and a photo-exhibition in Paris with my project “Rebirth”: people photographed as they are frozen between life and death. One more thing: Gothic Angels, kids photographed as a dark angels or punk stars. 4. What inspired you to do your current project? Human body, I love the flesh, I love the humanity that flows from the veins of a living body. And I’m inspired by my wife, a beautiful woman & extraordinary and visionary stylist and art director. 5. Are you going to watch Italy v Germany today if so where? Of course no! But not because I’m a snob person but because I love to walk around when the city seems empty of people, like in a post atomic scenario. 6. Your favorite spot in Rome? Every single streets, walking or cycling, if you want to try to understand this city just walk after a rainstorm, under the amazing light of the breathtaking Rome.by